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Bernice Herd College Scholarship

About Bernice Shields Herd

Bernice Shields Herd was born in Grove Springs, Missouri, July 23, 1897. Upon receiving her teacher’s certificate from Springfield Teachers College, now Southwest Missouri State University, Bernice taught for two years in a one-room schoolhouse just outside of Conway, Missouri, where she had 25 students of all ages. She married Jim Herd in 1914 and, soon after, she and Jim came to Coldwater, Kansas by covered wagon. She raised six children and was elected Kansas Mother of the Year in 1976. She was an avid worker in the United Methodist Church where she served in many capacities including teaching an Adult Bible class until the age of 90. Bernice created this Scholarship because of her devotion to education and her love of teaching. Mrs. Herd believed that the future of democracy is dependent on an educated citizenry, which requires dedicated, qualified teachers. She hoped this Scholarship would help and encourage students to make teaching their careers.

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