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Community Grants


This application is available to nonprofits, schools, churches, and cities serving one or more counties in SCCF’s service area. Grant capped at $2,000. More information can be found on the applications project information tab.


This application is available to nonprofits, schools, churches, and cities. This grant is for $5,000 and must be for a children’s health project or program. Children is defined as 18 years or younger. If you have questions about this new opportunity, please contact the Foundation.

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2019 Community Grants
5.4.7 Arts Center Take a Seat… Let's Create $500.00
Arrowhead West, Inc. Arrowhead West: Gardening for Good Health $1,000.00
BrightHouse, Inc Awareness for Kingman and Rice Co. abuse $500.00
Community Presbyterian Church Chase Community Food Bank $700.00
Cunningham Childcare Center Upgrade to daycare laptop and quickbooks $627.00
Cunningham Childcare Center Improvement to Baby Room $397.00
Family Crisis Center, Inc. Family Crisis Advocacy Center Expansion $1,000.00
First Baptist Church Toddler Room Remodel $1,000.00
Grace Bible Fellowship Instruments for Youth Band $250.00
Grace United Methodist Church Food Bank and Care Closet $1,000.00
Haviland Recreation Commission Haviland Recreation Weight Room Upgrade $500.00
Haviland Recreation Commission Trauma Training $1,000.00
Haviland Recreation Commission Trauma Training $1,000.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development Mental Health First Aid $986.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development Wear a mask -- Save a life $453.00
K-State Research and Extension Story Walk $394.00
Kingman Area Ministries, Inc. Food Pantry $1,000.00
Kingman County Core Circles Kingman County Core Circles $1,000.00
Kingman County Humane Society Flooring Replacement Project $500.00
Kingman United Methodist Church Fifth Quarter $1,000.00
Kiowa County K- State Research Kiowa County High School Adulting Class & Kiowa County Kids Day Camp $727.00
Kiowa County Ministerial Alliance Floor Replacement for Care N Share Building $500.00
Kiowa County School USD 422: Trauma Informed $869.00
Kiowa District Healthcare Wild About Wellness Health Fair in Barber County $1,000.00
Kiowa Historical Society Kiowa Historical Park $400.00
Kiowa Southern Baptist Church Kiowa Southern Baptist Church Awana Program $250.00
Lyons Fire Department North Pole Fire and Rescue $1,000.00
Lyons Middle School Eat What You Grow $1,000.00
Medicine Lodge High School Fixer Upper: Staff Morale Edition $200.00
Norwich United Methodist Church Norwich Bread Basket $1,000.00
Pilot Club International Friendship Playground Board for low verbal and non verbal children $1,000.00
Pratt Area Humane Society SNAP (Spay Nueter Assistance Program) Funding $1,000.00
Pratt County 4-H Pratt County 4-H Project $1,000.00
Pratt County Health Department Playground Shade Coverage $1,000.00
Pratt High School Geometry in Construction Class $1,000.00
Pratt Presbyterian Church Pratt Presbyterian Church: Community Program for Youth $1,000.00
Pratt Teen Center Development, Inc. Pratt Teen Center Development, Inc. $668.00
Protection Valley Manor Protection Valley Manor: Dining Room $400.00
Protection Valley Manor Vital Sign Monitors $1,000.00
Quilts of Valor Foundation Pratt Area Quilts of Valor $1,000.00
Skyline Schools Technology in Agriculture Education $1,000.00
Smoky Hills Public Television Literacy Leadership for Children in Rice and Stafford Counties $1,000.00
South Barber Community Childcare South Barber Community Childcare $928.00
South Central Kansas Library System Education is Empowerment! CPR Certification Program $998.00
South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative Increasing Communication for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder $992.00
St. John-Hudson Community Tiger Town Pizza: Tyron'es Terrific Reader Program and Mighty Mustang $1,000.00
Stafford USD 349 Pay It Forward $1,000.00
Sterling College Track Restriping at Smisor Stadium $330.00
The Hope Center of Pratt Emergency Food Pantry $1,000.00
The Hope Center of Pratt Fans and Air Conditioners for the needy $500.00
The Roy and Elise Blythe Fitness Center Leon Retirefit (60+) $500.00
Twilight Theatre, Inc. Community Theatre Start-up Equipment $230.00
Unified School District #254 Snack/Meal Preparation Pantry $1,000.00
USD #438 Middle School and High School Math Exploration $1,000.00
USD 254 Medicine Lodge High Schoool Healthy Relationships $900.00
USD 331 Classroom Calming Kits $1,000.00
USD 350 Recreation Commission Flag Football $798.00
USD 405 The Vaping Epidemic and Small Roural Schools $1,000.00
USD 422 Strings for Kiowa County $1,000.00
Vernon Filley Art Museum Art Collection Room Storage Shelving Project $1,000.00

Total Community Grants 


2018 Community Grants
5.4.7 Arts Center Multi-Media Art Workshop supplies $1,000.00
Arrowhead West, Inc. Benches for walking trail $1,000.00
Barber County Heritage Center Photo Display Project $1,000.00
BrightHouse, Inc.: Kingman & Rice Counties Awareness Materials $1,000.00
Chase Police Department Bicycle Helmets $852.00
Comanche County Hospital: Phlebotomy Program Phlebotomy Training Equipment $1,000.00
Cunningham Child Care Center Enhancements to Child Care Facility $1,000.00
DCCCA: Rovery Today Recovery Program $1,000.00
Geneseo City Museum Conservation and preservation supplies for photo collection $982.00
Girls on the Run Heart of Kansas Curriculum and Program Supplies $1,000.00
Grace United Methodist Church: Food Bank Supplies for Food Bank and Share Closet $1,000.00
Haviland Friends Church: Foster Closet Foster Closet Supplies $834.00
K-State Research & Extension: Comanche County Lunch and Archery Targets for Day Camp $305.00
K-State Research & Extension: Kiowa County Snack Lesson supplies $800.00
KAMI: Community Food Bank Supplies $1,000.00
Kingman County Historical Society New door for Musuem Original Entrance $357.00
Kingman United Methodist Church: 5th Quarter Supplies for 5th Quarter Program $750.00
Kingman United Methodist Church: Children's Community Choir Bluetooth Speaker for Community Events $349.00
Kiowa County Preschool Parenting Education class supplies $800.00
Little River Learning Center Foundation Security upgrades for building $1,000.00
Macksville City Library Healthy Heart Education Supplies $300.00
Northern Rice County Food Bank Food Supplies $1,000.00
Origins, Inc. Replacement of Ice Machine $934.00
Pratt County 4-H Foundation: School Enrichment Supplies and paper goods for food demonstration $500.00
Pratt County Health Department Two Automated External Defibrillators (AED) $1,000.00
Protection Valley Manor Locked treatment cart $1,000.00
Protection Valley Manor Image Center Scanner $790.00
Rice County Historical Society Metal shelves for Museum Artifacts $1,000.00
Sixth Street Park: Inclusive Playground WE Saw $1,000.00
Smoky Hills Public Television Corp. Books $1,000.00
St. Patricks Catholic School Water bottle refilling station $1,000.00
Stafford County Economic Development Equipment for Digital Literacy Center and shared workspace $1,000.00
Stafford Senior Center Blinds for Senior Center $532.00
Sterling Presbyterian Manors Grill for retirement community $759.00
Twilight Theatre Inc. Marquee Lighting Repair $1,000.00
USD 254: Education Program Curriculum for Health and Puberty Education Program $1,000.00
USD 254: Flexible Seating Two Person Standing Desk $300.00
USD 254: Food Pantry Supplies for meal and snack pantry $1,000.00
USD 254: Vocal Music Supplies for Musical $1,000.00
USD 255: Literacy Outreach Initiative Books $1,000.00
USD 331: Building Social Compentency Skills Supplies for building social compentency skills $998.00
USD 349: Eat Healthy, Bee Healthy, Grow Healthy Supplies to establish and maintain honey bee hive $1,000.00
USD 382: 5th Grade Science DNA and Sickle Cell Anemia Lab Materials $663.00
USD 382: Beyond the Bell STEM Materials $249.00
USD 438 Skyline Schools Vernier Equipment update $1,000.00
Vernon Filley Art Museum Foundation Supplies for Lighting Project $825.00

Total Community Grants 


2017 Community Grants
Cunningham Elementary Balance Ball Chairs, Leg Extenders, and Bouncy Bands to promote healthy posture and improve focus $2,000.00
Healthy Habits for Life (Pratt, Skyline, & Haskins) Water Cooling Refilling Station $5,000.00
K-State Research & Extension Southwest Day Camp $2,000.00
Kiowa County Elementary Autism Instruction Supplies $2,000.00
Kiowa Public Pool Shaded Area for Public Pool $5,000.00
Little River Development Group Little River Splash Pad $5,000.00
Medicine Lodge Snack Pantry Snack Pantry Food Supplies and materials to make Blessing Box $2,000.00
Northern Rice County Food Bank Food for Children $2,000.00
PACE Technology and Supplies for Autism Therapy $5,000.00
South Central Kansas Library Foundation Dental Care supplies for Stafford County children $2,000.00
South Central Schools Two adjustable basketball goals $5,000.00
Southwest Elementary Student Health Fair Children's Health and Wellness Fair $2,000.00
St. John - Hudson Schools Climbing Wall for P.E. $5,000.00

Total Community Grants 


2016 Community Grants
5.4.7 Arts Center Greensburg Tornado 10th Anniversary $1,000.00
Agape Health Clinic Need to update computer $200.00
Barber Co 4-H Foundation Tools to update programs and store information $819.00
Child Care Services of Sterling Equipment for a second nursery $1,000.00
City of Haviland Overhead lighting $971.00
City of Norwich Refrigerator for meals & events $960.00
City of Sterling Police Department Supplies for DUI Enforcement $810.00
Coldwater/Wilmore Recreation Playground equipment $800.00
Comanche County Computor $810.00
Comanche County Education Fund Community seating $800.00
Cunningham Public Library Supplies to facilitate a new program $688.00
Family Crisis Center, Inc. Supplies for Family Room $1,000.00
First Baptist Church Daycare toys & activities $978.00
First Methodist Church After school program $405.00
First United Methodist Church of Pratt Enhance technology in a churth setting $960.00
Girls Scouts of Kansas Outdoor meal prep $300.00
Grace United Methodist Church After School - Wed $534.00
Haviland Friends Church Seating/bedding for clients $700.00
Haviland Friends Church Community slide $1,000.00
Heart of America Resource Center Chairs for Community Events. $500.00
Hope Center Supplies for Circles Program $500.00
Horizons Mental Health Center Supplies for Social Skills, Teamwork, and Conflict Resolution $970.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development Needs for community, children and crisis team $326.00
K-State Extension 4-H day camp $425.00
Kansas Assn. of Child Care Resource & Referral Providing healthy habits for childredn & families $990.00
Kingman Area Ministries Supplies for the food bank $1,000.00
Kingman Community Theatre Supplies to host events $1,000.00
Kingman County carnival, Inc. Lighting for Carnival Grounds $970.00
Kingman/Norwich Schools USD #331 Band Program $800.00
Kiowa County EMS Supplies for Arrive Alive Event $1,000.00
Lincoln Library Foundation Supplies to participate in STEAM education $300.00
Little River Learning Center Foundation Preschool & Seniors Bridging Program $700.00
Lyons Middle School USD#405 Science Room Makerspace $700.00
Lyons Middle School USD#405 Field trip $808.00
Medicine Lodge HS National Honor Soc. Snack Pantry $1,000.00
Medicine Lodge United Methodist Church 3D Archery Targets $1,000.00
North Barber USD #254 Music subscription & mics $350.00
North Barber USD #254 Audiometer $950.00
Northern Rice County Food Bank Supplies for Food Bank $1,000.00
Pathways Alternative Center of Education Visual Material Supplies $1,000.00
Pathways Alternative Center of Education ABLLS Assestment Kit $1,000.00
PIF Charities, Inc. Providing residents with a comfortable environment $500.00
Pioneer Community Care Inc. Picnic table seating $700.00
Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce Money for children's Christmas gifts $750.00
Pratt CC-Performing Arts Bringing Arts to the community $900.00
Pratt City Park & Farmers Market Canopies for vendors to promote healthy eating $1,000.00
Pratt Community College Books to enhance the multicultural and international literature $200.00
Pratt County 4-H Foundation Supplies for family fun activity $500.00
Pratt County Historical Society Tools to enhance visitor's experience $450.00
Pratt County Historical Society Computer to lookup museum artifacts/history $550.00
Pratt Health Foundation Kayak for the Pratt County Lake $750.00
Pratt Humane Society Veterinary procedures for animals $250.00
Pratt Presbyterian Church Picnic Benches for Community Garden $342.00
Pratt Public Library Finger Puppets for Preschool Story Time and Presentations for Summer Reading Program. $1,000.00
Pratt USD 382/Pratt High School Emphasize problem solving $1,000.00
Pratt USD 382/SW Elementary School Introdue students to alternate forms of energy $1,000.00
Project Pink, Inc. Washer & Dryer to enhance living skills $250.00
Protection Valley Manor New chairs for manor dining room. $1,000.00
Protection Valley Manor Vital Signs Monitor $1,000.00
Rice Co Coalition for Children & Families Gift Cards to help teach life skills $700.00
Rice County EMS "Supplies for safety camp" $874.00
Rice County Historical Society Storage for all the items housed at the Musuem $700.00
Rice County Sheriff Office Carseats $1,000.00
SC Kansas Library Foundation - Macksville City Library Community resources $1,000.00
SCCF Drinking fountain for City Park $500.00
SCKSEC Osmo System for iPad $897.00
Skyline Schools USD 438 Supplies for Genius Hour. $400.00
Skyline Schools USD 438 Lego Robotics $996.00
South Barber USD #255 Ellison (Cricut) Machine $750.00
South Barber USD #255 Stage curtains $300.00
South Barber USD #255 Multi-Tier System $1,000.00
South Central Elem. Schools USD 300 Board to help in learning styles $1,000.00
South Central High School USD 300 Chemistry Demo Day $1,000.00
South Central Kansas Special Education Coop Individual Growth & Development Indicator Kit $450.00
South Central KS Spec Ed Coop Supplies to help with skills $786.00
South Central KS Special Ed Coop Projects to promote health living $1,000.00
South Central Schools USD 300 Beautify Elem School grounds $350.00
St. John/Hudson USD #350 Eat, Think & Be Active $980.00
St. Patrick's Catholic Swivl device $979.00
St. Patrick's Catholic Community garden $100.00
Stafford County Health Care Foundation Massage table for client treatment $1,000.00
Stafford Education Coop Reading subscription $998.00
Stafford Schools USD #349 Ball Chairs $940.00
Stafford USD #349 Robotics Program $1,000.00
The Pratt Learning Center Helping to obtain High School diploma $500.00
United Methodist Church Fifth Quarter Pizza $900.00
United Methodist Church Whiteboard alternative $480.00
United Presbyterian Foundation of Kansas Directory for residents & visitors $400.00
USD #349 Stafford HS Working pond $1,000.00
USD #351 SPED-Math Program $349.00
USD 331 Supples to help with learning skills $713.00
USD 351 Macksville School District Technology to help with agriculture $949.00
USD 351 Macksvilles HS Current events subscription $1,000.00
USD 376 Sterling Middle School STEM Mini robotics $525.00
USD 382 Repairs to musical instruments $1,000.00
USD 382 Supplies for play and art center $500.00
USD 405 Supplies for the Job Olympics Event $750.00
USD 422 Help students gather data $712.00
USD 438, Skyline Schools Upgrade science equipment $970.00
Vernon Filley Art Museum Foundation Providing creative & therapeutic outlets $1,000.00
Youth For Christ Serve needs of individuals in the community $500.00

Total Community Grants 


2015 Community Grants
4-H Life After School Program Groceries and kitchen utensils $1,350.00
5.4.7 Arts Center papers, canvas, paints, clay, and glazes. $1,000.00
B-29 Museum Norden Bombsight Vault Restoration Concrete and labor $750.00
Barber County Extension Council: StoryWalk 10 real estate signs, 1 roll aluminum trim coil, 24 books. $604.00
Blythe Family Fitness: Busy Bea Nursery Gym toys and craft projects. $1,000.00
Blythe Family Fitness: Katie's Kickers Versa bar and medicine balls $700.00
Child Care Services of Sterling, Inc. Washer and Dryer $1,168.00
Circles of Hope Training workbooks for Circle Leaders, Allie, and Volunteers. Educational marketing materials included. $700.00
City of Cunningham: Volunteer Fire Department Lighting for fire trucks $971.00
City of Kingman: ADA Park Equipment American's with Disabilities Act? Park equipment $1,000.00
City of Norwich Center Three 43" Flat screen T.V.'s $1,000.00
City of Sterling Police Department 40 helments $718.00
Coldwater -Wilmore Recreation Shade for Coldwater Ballfield $2,500.00
Coldwater United Methodist Church - Angels' Attic Thrift Store GE Washer, GE Dryer, and applicance stacking kit. $949.00
Comanche County Health Department Printing and publishing health and wellness resource directory and postage $518.00
Cornerstone Childcare Center Mobile science, music, and block centers $300.00
Covenant Assembly of God Folding Chair $250.00
Covenant Assembly of God: Collide Student Ministries Wireless microphone system and floor monitor. $400.00
Cunningham Public Library Books, flannel board, adjustable height talbes, kids chair. $878.00
Dechant Foundation: Prayer and Action Paint, hammer, shovel, hedge clippers, etc. $500.00
Drake's Dugout Industrial ceiling fan and industrial pedastal fan. $265.00
Faith in Action Dell laptop to record data $500.00
First United Methodist Church of Lyons Food and drinks, kitchen equipment, paper products, sports equipment/games. $920.00
Grace United Methodist Church: After School Program zingo time telling, WOO! Game, fun facts bookmarks, super genius multiplication $465.00
Haskins Learning Center Personal GPS for kids with elopement concerns, TV, Apple TV, mobile cart, and blue ray player $500.00
Haviland Friends Church: Children's Ministry Service Project Yard work materials: flowers, bird houses, shingles and underlayment. $900.00
Heart of America Science Resource Center Projector, DVD recorder, speaker system, surge protector, cables, ceiling mount, surge protector. $860.00
Hope Center of Pratt Copy paper. Ink cartridges, envelopes, file folders. $500.00
K-State Research & Extension- Comanch County Day Camp Food and supplies $500.00
Kansas Basketball Academy Foundation: Summer Program PCC Dorm fee and PCC Bus usage $1,600.00
Kingman Area Ministries: Food Bank Food $1,000.00
Kingman Carnegie Library 2 Beanbag and 2 backjack chairs and shipping cost $286.00
Kingman Carnegie Library Books $500.00
Kingman County 4H Rules, reference cards, exam study guide, flag etiquette, motion script cards, simplified guide to motions, shipping $300.00
Kingman County Carnival, Inc. Roundup Ride $1,000.00
Kingman County Historical Society sink, faucet, toilet, safety bars, hot water heater, exhaust fan, light fixtures, cabinet $960.00
Kingman School Vocal Music Books for music room library $250.00
Kingman United Methodist Church: 5th Quarter pizza, soft drinks, program ads (football, basketball) $1,500.00
Kiowa County High School: Integrated Science Class RC Quadcopter, extra roter blades, batteries, and shipping $999.00
Kiowa County School: Music World drumming (different drum sizes) $1,095.00
Kiowa Manor Daycare Project Children's table, small refrigerator, microwave, and shelves. $250.00
Liberty Middle School Field Trip to Kansas Sports Hall of Fame and Eisenhower Center $700.00
Little River Learning Center Foundation Outside play equipment and shade.. $800.00
Macksville City Library Books, posters, stickers, records books. Pens, cards/tags, folders, refreshments $680.00
Macksville High School: Science Department Tower garden growing system $887.00
Macksville School Physics Cosmosphere field trip and supplies for labs and demonstrations. $1,000.00
Medicine Lodge Grade School: Family Fouce Outreach gold medal 2552 12-14 oz popcorn machine $500.00
Medicine Lodge High School Veteran day celebration decorations $399.00
Medicine Lodge Jr. Sr. High School: Math Department TI-84 Plus CE Teacher Kit $1,312.00
Medicine Lodge School District - Snack Pantry Snacks: granola bars, soup, mac n cheese, cereal, juice etc. $1,000.00
PACE Supply Project Supplies to help with daily functions of the school. $1,000.00
Pastime Inc. 13" Macbook Pro and web design by SCTelcom $700.00
PCC Performing Arts Department Summer Music Theatre Camp T-Shirts and crafts $850.00
Pilot International Founders Fund: Gyp Hills Pilot Club Learning wall dip. $350.00
Pioneer Lodge 4 feet by 165 plus two pads along sidewalk, two benches $500.00
Point of Grace Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Boppy nursing pillow, natural flow bottles, nursing cover, $999.00
Prairie Independent Living Resource Center Visiual impairment simulators, DVD, mirros, stnads, gloves. $500.00
Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce: Christmas in the Park 500 for girls, 500 for boys, and 500 for teens $500.00
Pratt Area Humane Society: Nip and Tip Program and TNR Program Trap Neuter Release. Discounted cost of $35 per surgery instead of $90 and rabies vaccines discounted 33% $250.00
Pratt County 4-H Story Walk Sign holders for book pages, books, weekly incentives, end of program incentives. $1,000.00
Pratt High School Kinect Senor and Laptop for Science and Math Department $800.00
Pratt High School Anti-bullying/ Cyber Awareness, College Athletics and Higher Learning Expectations, Developing Empathy a look at Special Needs and Abilities, Career Opportunites "Get that Job!" / T-Shirts $1,000.00
Pratt High School 15 design challenges help students learn to solve engineering design problems $1,000.00
Pratt High School Cosmosphere sponsors "Cosmo in Crisis" to allow students to utilize a multidisciplinary approach to solving a crisis $1,000.00
Pratt Library K-4 Fun Egg carton forg, puffy paint frankenstein, mummy votives, pumpkin painting, sandpaper art, raised salt painting, reindeer christmas tree ornament, lego picture puzzles, paper plate snowman, tape resist magazine birch trees, yarn hearts, pool noodle pom-pom shooter, paper plate monster, bubble-wrap sheep, celery stamping rainbow fish, grass hair for earth day, tissue paper flower, fork painting $500.00
Pratt Library Tween Zone Xbox One with Kinect, games, and accessories to update Tween Zone. $1,000.00
Pratt Pre K Program Transporation cost of Prek visting the Senior Citizens $250.00
Pratt Pre K Program Rollling Hills Zoo staff will visit the school and bring with them animals, artifacts, and live specimens to present to our students. $250.00
Pratt Pre K Program Blender, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Juicer. $450.00
Pratt School District: Band Marimba $1,250.00
Pratt Teen Center 4 ceiling fnas $300.00
Pratt Teen Development Industrial Port-a-Cool $1,000.00
Project Pink, Inc. Cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, slowercooker, coffee maker, blender, kitchen essentails. $380.00
Protection Valley Manor Inc. 8 yards of cement $778.00
Rice County Coalition for Children and Families laptop, office home & business, projector, insurance, antivirus $1,020.00
Rice County Historical Society Chair carts for museum folding chairs. $1,016.00
Rice County Special Education Cooperative - Job Olympics Trophies, ribbions, medal awards, drinks, lunch, mailing material, and handbooks. $1,000.00
Rolla Rena - Skate Mates Skate Mates $850.00
Sacred Heart Church: Daycare Barn style shed 8'x10'x9'8" $500.00
Safe Kids Kiowa County Summer Safety Event Airsoft Gun, ATV, Fire, Fireworks, Lake, Lawnmover, Poison, Pool Safety Supplies $1,000.00
Sharon Learning Center frame, wire, drip hoses, and timer to turn off water $200.00
Sharon Learning Center Ipad 2 Air and Case $1,000.00
South Barber Community Childcare, Inc. Baby Einstein bouncer, fishcher price cradle swing, Hoover Wind tunnel vacuum, rest mats, area rug, storkcraft glider, mainstay saucer chair. $970.00
South Barber Pre K-6 A new flute and trumpet for band. $1,000.00
South Barber Pre K-6 Curtains for Elementary stage $900.00
South Barber Prek-6 vacuum, art/craft supplies, printer ink, toys, behavior encentives, special snacks $250.00
South Central Kansas Youth for Christ: Match Mentoring Program 2 basketballs, 1 volleyball, bracelet kit, 4 model rocket kits, christmas party supplies. $502.00
Southwest Elementary Tower gardens can be used to grow vegetables all year long $1,000.00
Southwest Elementary: Beyond the Bell Healthy snacks. $1,000.00
Southwest Elementary: Innovative Learning through Technology One ipad (32GB), one ipad (16GB), and Osmo gaming systems $478.00
Stafford County 4-H Council: Leadership Workshop Teamwork cards, 3D bullring, goin fishin activity, gutter ball activity, snacks. $500.00
Stafford County Historical and Genealogical Society 8 packages archival envelopes, 10 archival boxes to conserve 375 of glass plate negatives in the W.R. Gray Collegection $355.00
Stafford County Hospital Mammography Program Mammograms (10) $1,500.00
Stafford Educational Foundation: STARS After School Subscription for reading program, spelling city, and mindworks curriculum $2,262.00
Stafford Food Bank Food $1,000.00
Stafford High School - Training to Lead A frame for training $1,190.00
Stafford Main Street K-5th hair cuts and back packs $1,000.00
Stafford School iPad mini, iPad cases, iTunes gift card $1,090.00
Stafford Senior Center, Inc. Furnance replacement $976.00
Stafford: Parents as Teachers Craft supplies $175.00
Sterling Chemistry Science Olympiad Project Lab coats, labware sets, and chemistry challenge supplies for Science Olympiad $900.00
Sterling Presbyterian Manor - Music Memory Program Ipod shuffle, headphones (over the ear) itunes credit, A/V cart. $550.00
Sterling School District: Fit for Life Air Kit, Balls, Tools, Shipping $300.00
United Methodist Church: Helping Hands Preschool Computer Station, music unit, C.D. Player, puppet, and puppet theater, and easel. $980.00
Vernon Filley Art Museum Foundation 48 pencils, 30 sets of colored pencils, 40 clipboards, 50 canvases, project, wireless microphone system, poratable PA system, speaker stands. $695.00
WEPAC Alliance: Skin Cancer Awareness Sunscreen packets and education materials $332.00
Youth for Christ: Kingman Match Mentoring Background check and central training for match program $1,000.00

Total Community Grants 


2014 Community Grants
5.4.7 Arts Center Adult and Children's Art Classes $875.00
Agape Health Clinic Patient Education Program $900.00
Arrowhead West, Inc. Arrowhead West Day Program $1,000.00
Barber County North USD #254 Character Education Program $1,000.00
Barber County North USD #254 FACS Program $1,000.00
Barber County North USD #254 Junior High Art Program $1,000.00
Barber County North USD #254 Snack Pantry $500.00
Barclay College Writing Center $875.00
Barclay College Serve Day $500.00
Calvary Baptist Church of Stafford Stafford Food Bank $3,000.00
City of Cunningham Cunningham Public Library $380.00
City of Haviland Purple Martin Birdhouse $375.00
Coldwater-Wilmore Regional Library Computer Upgrade $940.00
First Baptist Church Cornerstone Childcare Center $900.00
First Baptist Church of Pratt School bus and Signage $500.00
Friends of Kiowa District Hospital and Manor Foundation, Inc. KDH Clinic $8,000.00
Grace United Methodist Church After school program $635.00
Greensburg USD 422 Anatomy in Clay Maniken Project $1,000.00
Haviland Friends Church Lights $990.00
Haviland Grade School Junior High Vocal Music $555.00
Horizons Mental Health Center Positive Parenting Program $750.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development, Inc. CBS Program $600.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development, Inc. Community Support Services $500.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development, Inc. Mental Health First Aid $500.00
K-State Research & Extension Kids Cooking Class $250.00
K-State Research and Extension Office Day Camp $500.00
Kansas Basketball Academy Foundation KIDS and JR Youth Program $1,595.00
Kingman Area Ministries, Inc. Food Bank $1,000.00
Kingman Carnegie Library Beautiful Biographies $500.00
Kingman High School USD 331 High School Career Day $700.00
Kingman High School USD 331 Kingman FFA Chapter $1,500.00
Kingman Mennonite Church Society One Way Youth Group $750.00
Kingman Norwich USD 331 Vocal Music Program $450.00
Kingman United Methodist Church Fifth Quarter $1,000.00
Kiowa County Health Foundation Safe Kids Kiowa County $1,000.00
Kiowa County Media Center Foundation Video Club $750.00
Kiowa County Memorial Hospital Students Against Drunk Driving $1,965.00
Little River Learning Center Foundation Play Equipment $935.00
Medicine Lodge Jr/ Sr. School Art Department $960.00
Medicine Lodge Jr/ Sr. School Science Club $700.00
Northern Rice County Food Bank Nutrition and Food Assistance $1,000.00
Pathways Alternative center for Educations (PACE) Ipad for Kids $1,000.00
Pratt Community College Performing Arts Department- Kids Camp $830.00
Pratt Health Foundation PRMC Breastfeeding Swag Bags $1,350.00
Pratt Library Tween Tuesday $1,000.00
Pratt Presbyterian Church Eagle Wings Ministry- Community Garden Project $1,000.00
Pratt Teen Development Pratt Teen Center $735.00
Pratt Teen Development Drake's Dugout $1,500.00
Pratt USD 382 Hispanic Family Literacy Program $1,000.00
Pratt USD 382 Pratt Band Program $1,125.00
Pratt USD 382 English Speakers of other Language $1,020.00
Pratt USD 382 Digital Enhancement of School Libraries $700.00
Pratt USD 382 Beyond the Bell $500.00
Rice County Coalition for Children and Families Point of Grace Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center $1,000.00
Rice County Historical Society Quivira Museum $765.00
Roy and Elise Blythe Foundatoin Katie's Kickers $1,000.00
Roy and Elsie Blythe Foundation Busy Bea Nursery $1,000.00
Sacred Heart School Childcare Center $1,000.00
Skyline School USD 438 Math Manipulative Library $1,000.00
South Barber Community Childcare, Inc. Enhancement of quality, safety, and wellbeing $1,000.00
South Barber Pre-k School Supplies $1,000.00
South Central Kansas Library Foundation Fire Safety and Maintain Don't Gain $700.00
South Wind Hospice Camera and Display $500.00
Stafford Educational Foundatoin STARS After School $1,990.00
Stafford Elementary/Middle School USD 349 Family Engineering Night $900.00
Stafford Health Care Foundation Stafford County Health Care Foundation $1,265.00
Twilight Theatre, Inc. Community Theatre $500.00
Unified School District No 444 Art Department $1,000.00
United Methodist Church Helping Hands Preschool $1,000.00
USD 351, Macksville Science Department $1,060.00
USD 351, Macksville Math Department $1,000.00
USD 351, Macksville Books Buddies $1,000.00
USD 351, Macksville Acer Chromebooks $400.00
USD 376 Active for Life $900.00
USD 444 Letter Machine Supplies $515.00
Vernon Filley Art Museum Wall Fixture $1,000.00
Youth for Christ South Central Kansas Pratt County Campus Life $1,000.00
Youth for Christ South Central Kansas Kiowa County Campus Life $500.00
Youth for Christ South Central Kansas Kingman County Match Mentoring $750.00
Zenda Community Museum Windows $1,000.00

Total Community Grants 


2013 Community Grants
Agape Health Clinic Clinic supplies and exam stools $1,075.00
Ashland Christian Camp Video Projector $1,000.00
Barclay College Paint & supplies, food $600.00
Barclay College Writing Center Trainings; supplies, memberships for writing center $1,000.00
Beyond the Bell, Southwest Elementary School Healthy snacks for before/after school program $1,000.00
Bushton Community Development Corporation Round Folding Tables $1,000.00
Christian Youth Fellowship Food and drinks $1,000.00
Coldwater United Methodist Church (CUMC) Refrigerator $1,000.00
Covenant Assembly of God Chairs for community events $500.00
Covenant Assembly of God - Collide Student Ministries Wireless microphone system & floor monitor $840.00
Cunningham Grade School, USD 332 3 iPad minis & covers $1,017.00
Cunningham Public Library Books $1,000.00
First Baptist Church Games $300.00
First Christian Church Replacement of exterior cement surrounding building $1,000.00
Friends of Kiowa County District Hospital and Manor Foundation, Inc. Laboratory Equipment $1,700.00
Grace United Methodist Church Learning games and books $480.00
Hardtner Public Library Large print books $1,000.00
Haviland Friends Church Food and supplies $710.00
Haviland Friends Church - Children's Ministry Items for Giving Store (baby packages, winter coats, etc.) $800.00
Haviland USD 474 - Dragon Band Music books and scores $870.00
Helping Hands Preschool Preschool supplies $1,000.00
Horizons Mental Health Center Equipment $735.00
Iroquois Center for Human Development, Inc. Supplies for case managers $850.00
K-State Research & Extension, Kingman County Scale, Chamber bucks, and jug $130.00
Kingman Area Ministries, Inc. - Food Bank Purchase grocery items $1,000.00
Kingman Carnegie Library Two oversized Poof Chairs $625.00
Kingman Community Theatre Association MacBook Pro $1,390.00
Kingman County Extension- Kingman Youth rUn? Program Scholarships, T-shirts, and drinks $700.00
Kingman County Historical Society Supplies for a handrail $825.00
Kingman Garden Club Picnic table for park $800.00
Kingman United Methodist Church Pizza, supplies, and program ads $1,370.00
Kiowa County EMS CPR Training supplies $1,000.00
Leisure Time Center Ice machine, water filter, and set up $1,790.00
Liberty Middle School - Science Department Flex Cam iCam Digital Microscope Camera $520.00
Little River Learning Center Foundation Toys, books, lockers $1,175.00
Lovely Branches Ministries, Inc. DBA Taste & See Coffee House Concrete ramp and handicap bars $850.00
Macksville City Library Stadium cups, books, hand grips $630.00
Medicine Lodge High School Science and Technology Club Software, 10 drawer organizer, Robotic sets $1,000.00
Medicine Lodge United Methodist Church Coffee, tea, and snacks $125.00
Pratt Area Humane Society Dog and cat spay/neuter $500.00
Pratt County 4-H (Clothing & Textiles Project) Sewing machine and supplies for sewing stations $1,000.00
Pratt Health Coalition Bicycle racks and lane stripe materials $1,000.00
Pratt Health Foundation - Pratt Area Breastfeeding Coalition Breastfeeding supplies and packets $1,200.00
Pratt High School Band Podium $1,300.00
Pratt Pre-Kingergarten Program USD 382 Four iPad minis & covers $1,355.00
Pratt Presbyterian Church Materials, tools, equipments, chemiclas, water, seed, and plants $500.00
Rice Community Healthcare Foundation CPR packages $1,100.00
Rice County Coalition for Children and Families - Point of Grace Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center Curriculum supplies $1,000.00
Rice County Communities that Serve, Inc. Child safety supplies $1,000.00
Rice County Historical Society Information text, banners, and brochures $630.00
Roy & Elise Blythe Foundation - Blythe Family Fitness Exercise equipment $1,000.00
Roy & Elise Blythe Foundation - Busy Bea Nursery Nursery supplies $440.00
Safe Kids Kiowa County Trailer decals and child passenger safety programs $1,000.00
Saint John Awana, First Baptist Church Books, uniforms, awards $800.00
South Barber Community Childcare Childcare supplies $1,480.00
South Barber Pre-6 Audio equipment (speakers, microphone, cable, mixer) $1,000.00
South Central Agricultural Education Department & South Central FFA Planter, flowers, and potting soil $825.00
South Central High School Special Education Department Kitchen supplies and food $200.00
South Wind Hospice, Inc. Materials and subscriptions for Griefwords $1,225.00
Stafford County Historical and Genealogical Society Archival envelopes & storage boxes $950.00
Stafford Ministerial Alliance/ Stafford Food Bank Food drive and vouchers $3,000.00
STARS After School After school curriculum $1,000.00
Sterling College Art Department Printer and ink $820.00
Sterling Junior/Senior High School Class Plus Complete 9-hole golf course $980.00
Sterling USD #376 Nursing software and training $1,200.00
The Greater Barber County Historical Action Association, Inc. Banquet tables $125.00
The Pratt Library Crafts, food, and drinks $1,000.00
WEPAC Alliance Mammograms $1,000.00
Youth for Christ South Central Kansas Stage wash system $500.00
Youth for Christ South Central Kansas Paint, tiles, rollers, photo prints $940.00

Total Community Grants