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Estate Planning

South Central Community Foundation offers an Estate Planner/gift planner free of charge. John Griffin, of Stewardship Counseling, LLC comes to Pratt to assist community members in developing their estate plans.

What would happen to your assets if you passed away today?

Even if you haven't taken the important first step of having a will or trust drafted, you already have an estate plan; every state has a distribution plan that takes over when someone passes away without a plan. Most people find the state-provided estate plan very unsatisfactory and contrary to their wishes. Given a choice, we all prefer to exercise a measure of control over the final disposition of our property. Wills and trusts are the means to this end.

What are the benefits of Stewardship Counseling?

A comprehensive, personalized plan will carry out your wishes. It will provide successor management of your estate in the event of your incapacity and distribution of assets at your death to family, and if you choose, charity, all while keeping your transfer costs and taxes to a minimum and reducing or eliminating taxes.

Who is eligible for this service?

Stewardship Counseling's services are for anyone who desires trouble-free, inexpensive estate transfer from one generation to the next.

The planning process is free of charge to you, the client. No products such as life insurance or securities are sold through Stewardship Counseling, LLC nor does the company share in the commission on the sale of these products.