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General Grant Information

Who can apply?

Any 501 c 3 in the counties of Barber, Comanche, Kingman, Kiowa, Pratt, Rice, and Stafford.


Available completely online via the grant portal link below.


Varies; this year the Community Grant is capped at $2,000, the Children’s Health Grant (*new) is for $5,000, and the Teacher’s Grant is for $250. 

How to apply?

Complete the Community Grant application and submit with their nonprofit’s Guidestar review, which can be found at www.guidestar.org. Applications are available July 1st and must be submitted by August 31st. 

When are applicants notified?

Letters are sent out by the 2nd week of October.

Grant Ceremonies…

SCCF host a Grant Award Ceremony in each of the seven counties to recognize the 2020 recipients. These ceremonies are during the end of October and beginning of November.

This year SCCF will be offering three different opportunities for organization to consider. Below is an explanation of each opportunity. 

You can find these applications available completely online with instructions at the portal link below. If you have any questions, please reach out to staff at (620)672.7929 or ed@sccfks.org.

**IMPORTANT NOTE-- If you intend to apply for grants for more than one organization you MUST make a log in for each organization in which you are applying. Failure to do this will cause you to update each application with the last enter organization information.