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Vickie Lackey Scholarship

About Vickie Lackey

August 21, 1983 - December 12, 2004

Vickie Lynn Lackey loved life and shared that love with everyone around her. Naturally magnetic, her personality drew people to her and made them feel instantly at ease. Blessed with a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh, her positive energy was felt, and is missed, by her family and many friends. She was born and raised in Medicine Lodge, Kansas where she attended school and was active in different community endeavors. Never one to sit out or miss an opportunity for fun, Vickie dabbled in a variety of different activities from basketball and cheerleading, dance club, forensics and horse-back riding. She loved to take pictures, travel, spend time with her mother and brother, and meet new people. She had a “more-the-merrier” attitude when it came to friends. In addition to her many human companions, Vickie worked at an exotic animal farm and had a special place in her heart for animals, particularly horses and her dogs, Sandy and Pee-Wee. An endless array of hobbies, ribbons, and trophies filled her time and her room but her principle passion was helping people. After attending Kansas State University, Vickie decided that her needs would be better met by attending a smaller school, Pratt Community College, where she could focus on her goal to become a nurse. Moving back to a familiar area proved to be a good decision for Vickie in many ways. Not only was she able to spend more time with her mother, Lawana, and other close friends, but she met the love of her life, Nicholas Scheer. “I want to make an effect on someone’s life,” was Vickie’s exact reason for pursuing a career in nursing. The people close to her would agree, with or without nursing, her statement was already true in so many ways.


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