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Community Wish List

This page promotes nonprofits in SCCF seven county service area who need financial assistance with a project or program. Typically these requests are for an emergent need or fall outside of SCCF’s annual grant cycle. Please find the nonprofit’s request and contact/donation information below. 

To have your information posted, contact the Foundation at (620) 672.7929 or ed@sccfks.org. Depending on requests, limited spots may be available.

Gray Studio -- St. John, KS

Gray Studio is a 501c3 in St. John, KS. This facility is intended to promote the arts in our area.

Since the labor is volunteer there are no costs but the volunteers are only here for a short time, with two only available until mid-August.  If allowed, we would like to be ready for visitors by then.  

The issues Gray Studio will be addressing in our community are: 

  • Population decline - The residence in the building will serve as housing for a resident artist who will live, work and teach in the building. 
  • Historical preservation - Gray Studio is on the state and national historical registries.  It is a rare structure.
  • Quality of life -  The large studio space will be used for art classes and projects.
  • Retail - There will be an entrepreneurial emphasis for artists.


Windows ($100 each)
Replaces a worn window with fresh frame & waterproofing

Kitchen Flooor ($380)
We've got it all and the kicthen sink.  We're in need of a new subfloor though.

Safety Railing ($185)
Create a safe environment around our newly finished stairs

Office Space ($620)
Allow for public office space and private residence divider

Illuminated ($1,200)
Install adequate lighting for this beautiful space

Big Tickets

Insulation ($12,000)
Provide protection from the elements for this timeless space

Studio Drywall ($1,400)
Complete surface refinishing of all walls and ceilings

ADA Accessibility ($2,200)
Making a more avaialble space through better ramps, sidewalks, doors, and entries


For more information, or to donate visit https://www.grayphotostudioinc.com