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John F. and Susan M. Cromer Scholarship

Susan Mercedes Downtain was born on a farm near the city of Kiowa, Kansas. She was one of eight children born to Oscar and Pansy Downtain. She married John F. Cromer at the age of 18 and had six children by the age of 31. There was no electricity or indoor plumbing in their home until she turned 36. Susan’s daily activities included milking 5 to 6 cows in the morning and at night, from which she sold milk and cream, and feeding and raising chickens, from which she sold the eggs. She took in ironing and sold Stanley products to supplement the family income. She then went on to work in the Sawyer telephone office for several years after which she started a rest home. She owned and operated that business until her retirement.

Susan was known for her excellent memory of family and community history. She loved to write poetry and wrote numerous unpublished poems. Susan drew great strength from her strong faith in the Lord throughout her life.

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